GCTA Assist Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts in Aransas Pass, Texas

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We here at GCTA along with all other coastal communities on the Texas Gulf Coast scrambled as they where getting evacuation notifications.

Well, we here at GCTA came out unscathed and blessed! Hurricane Harvey entered Texas at Ingleside and rolled up the coast. So, our mind starts to going how can we help with the devistation that was caused by Hurricane Harvey! Knowing that this is going to be a marathon, not a sprint. GCTA and some of its brothers came together and got a BBQ trailer from Port Lavaca from our good friend Ricky Gonzales. On the drive from Corpus Christia to Port Lavaca all of the devistation began sinking in. How bad it really was became evident, it looked like a war zone. The drive up 35 was unbelievable.

The place we setup base camp is Redfish Bay Boathouse in Aransas Pass, Texas. I called the Moore's and asked if I could do hot meals and they were extatic. I then called our partners with Rudy's BBQ who were eager to lend a helping hand. They supported us every day and in every way possible. The entire experience has been humbling to say the least.

We are on day 13 as of today and are averaging 650 plates per day to help feed the locals including State Troopers, Linemen, National Guard and all others who need a great hot meal.

We want to thank everyone who has stepped up to help in this time of disaster. We could not do what we do or be who we are without the help of everyone. Again, we thank you all!

To finish up, we had a phone call with Lt. Commander of the Texas NAtional Guard and to make a long story short he hunted us down to award GCTA with a Certificate acknowledging that we had aided and supported the Texas Military during Hurricane Harvey.

We are blessed to be able to help our fellow Texans. All of these coastal communities will need help for months to come. If you can, go and lend a hand to a coastal family and again GCTA is glad we could help so many affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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